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Welcome to ACCELLE All Year!

I have tried to keep this as plain-language as possible, please have a read so you know what you're getting into. If you have questions or concerns, please contact [email protected] before signing up for the community.

DISCLAIMER ON YOUR RESULTS: This community is designed to enhance your experience of life and business, and empower you with knowledge, resources, perspectives, and support to help you thrive. Unfortunately, I can't possibly know enough about you and your circumstances to guarantee any results out of the program, because like any business, a coaching business requires your effort, careful care, attention, and even then, circumstances beyond any of our control can come into play. For that reason, I can't guarantee your results! You recognize that you are responsible for your results, and by agreeing to join this community, you are committed to your own results.

KEEPING THE COMMUNITY SAFE AND AWESOME: Keep the community awesome is very important to me SO, ultimately, any member can be ejected from the community at any time, including full cancelation of membership and participation in the program, without warning. 

ABOUT FUTURE CHANGES TO THE EXPERIENCE: You're signing up to be a part of an evolving community. And our intention is to evolve AWESOMELY to give you even more value and enhance your coaching business life each month. Because we're evolving, your experience in the membership site is subject to change! We will try to give you a heads up whenever we can, but please understand sometimes changes will happen very quickly or may include software changes etc. that I have no control over. I will always hold myself to a high standard, and endeavour to make your experience more valuable with change as much as possible. 

HOW YOUR DATA IS USED AND PROTECTED: You are opting in to participating in a community, therefore basic information including your name and email address is collected so that we can give you the experience you're signing up for. I will never publish client information or reveal who clients are without their expressed permission (testimonials always are with the permission of the client), and we definitely don't hand over information to anyone. We hate SPAM too! We also password protect your data in high quality systems, and actively review to ensure systems integrity is as high as we can make it. If you misrepresent who you are with the intent to deceive community members, that is grounds for membership cancelation and banning from the community.  

HOW WE INTERACT: Your participation in the community is encouraged, and entirely optional. You'll receive reminders about upcoming events, and personalized outreach from the community as well as from representatives of Velocity from time to time. If you have any concerns on the volume or nature of interactions, please just reach out to [email protected] and I'll try to help you out.

OTHER COMMUNICATIONS YOU CAN EXPECT: From time to time, Velocity may let you know about other supplemental products or experiences that are not included in your membership. You are under no obligation to partake of these offers, and they will only be offered in the spirit of helping you really crush your goals. If you have any concerns about the communications you're receiving, or if you feel they are being sent inappropriately, please contact [email protected] to let me know.

WHO THIS COMMUNITY IS FOR AND NOT FOR: This community is for anyone who wants to be effective in accelerating their personal and professional goals. This community is specifically not for: comparing your journey to others negatively, people looking to blame others for their situation, people who are wanting to take advantage of others, whining, fighting, judging others, silver-bullet / quick fix / easy street seekers, people who have zero interest in further developing themselves. 

ACCESS TO COMMUNITY INFO AND CONTENT: By joining the community, you are getting access to videos, PDFs, Excel documents, graphics, imagery, text, audios... A lot of info. ALL OF IT IS THE PROPERTY OF Accelle Inc. AND SHOULD NOT BE REPRODUCED, DISTRIBUTED, COPIED, OR OTHERWISE LEVERAGED OUTSIDE THE EXPLICIT INTENDED USE. Please take care to be clear about when and how you can use any information that you get from any source! If you don't care on the content or respect it, that is grounds for community removal and potential legal action depending on that. This is a knowledge content product, so please do respect our hard work in providing this to you!! If you have a special use idea, please feel free to contact [email protected] to request a dialogue to figure out how to help you out. :-)

If you have a challenge with content, or see something offensive, please reach out to support right away. You can always contact [email protected] if you have a concern about content on our sites.

If anything needs clearing up before you check the box and sign up, please contact me at [email protected] or at 416-903-2907 and I'll be happy to help you out.

If you're good to go, check the box, and let's get started together! 

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